Lately, HPE has come up with several new data storage and other IT infrastructure solutions. Also we should not forget about the hardware segment, only recently HP unveiled the HP Spectre and HP Elite Slice, but at the end of 2016 HP Z 2 G3 Mini Workstation was presented.

Why this product is unique?

We can proudly claim that this is the world’s first MINI workstation that is designed for computer aided designing (CAD).

The new HP Z 2 G3 mini is a compact solution, it can be compered to the Tower-type business-class computer, but is quite small and allows to save up to 90% of the working space.

This mini workstation can be placed on the table or fitted to the rear panel of the monitor, as well as below the table.

There are  several configurations  available for  Z2 HP Mini, for example there are variability of  different performance processors (Intel ® Core ™ i3-6100; ntel® Core ™ i5-6500, Core ™ i7-6700), as well as you have the opportunity to add a discrete graphics card NVIDIA Quadro Graphics M620.

HP Z2 mini is certified to run CAD software, it is tested more than 368,000 hours with a variety of applications, such as AutoCAD, VectorWorks, MicroStation, Inventor SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Revit, etc.

Thanks to innovative solutions, cooling fans and air flow this workstation is quiet and keeps a low temperature even working at full capacity.

If you need to work on a daily basis with graphical models or there is a need for more work space using multiple monitors, take into account, maybe you just need the HP Mini Z2, which is able to cope with CAD applications and it is possible to connect up to six monitors.

If you have a doubts whether it will fit your working environment,  please contact us, we will help. SIA “Adaptive” offers the possibility of a demo testing that allows you to test the product in your own infrastructure before purchasing, as so as decide for a particular solution.