Nowadays, in the healthcare field doctor’s confidentiality is especially important regarding data security of each patient. However, to be able to protect and hide against an attack from unwanted persons with malicious intent, a strong technology is also needed.

According to a research carried out by HP Inc. in 2018, 45% of hacker attacks are aimed at healthcare organisations. HP has designed the first high data security “Ultra-slim” laptop EliteBook 840 G6 Healthcare edition.

EliteBook 840 G6 has a 14-inch touch screen. The total weight of the laptop is starting from 1,62 kg, which means that the screen is big enough for everyday work, making necessary notes and patient medical records, it is also portable and can be placed on smaller surfaces that are in patient wards, for example. The screen is adjusted so that it can be sterilized with medical wipes after a visit to the infection zone while it is still turned on.


Taking into account the fact that EliteBook 840 G6 is specially designed for the security of sensitive data, here are some built-in security functions:

  • Fingerprint authorisation, which will deny others to access your computer;
  • Sure View Gen2 privacy screen will not allow anyone nearby to look into your notes;
  • HP DriveLock – a safety measurement, which provides an improved protection against unauthorized access to valuable and sensitive data stored in the hard drive;
  • Automatic DriveLock – This function ensures security of the hard drive, if it is being moved to another device. This means that information on the hard drive cannot be accessed without a corresponding password;
  • HP Sure start GEN5 – Automatically determines if there has been an attack on the BIOS or interference with system, without interrupting the user’s work.
  • Sure Click – Warns about malware or sites, blocking them and automatically deleting them from your software.


HP EliteBook 840 G6 has an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor, which improves Windows 10 Pro 64 operating system performance; it has an SSD memory up to 512 GB; battery life up to 11 h and 30 min, which allows to work all day long, without connecting to a power supply.

Looking at EliteBook 840 G6 Healtcare edition notebook PC, we can conclude that it corresponds to the “HP Inc.” slogan – Safer, Smarter and secured for Healthcare!

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