Every company has a need for a conference room to be created or improved when with existing technique is not enough. Not only the content of the presentation is important today, but also the technique by which the presentations are demonstrated. The HP portfolio contains a number of products that holds the latest technology to make presentations in innovative and convenient ways.

HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms G2 for Skype Room Systems – Elite Slice makes conference calls even easier, use the control system with the Skype for Business ™ interface for easy access. The content of the conference can be shared with every single participant in the room. The additional system offers a voice isolation tool to suppress ambient noise so that participants can hear you clearly.

HP EliteDisplay E243m – With this 24-inch monitor, go online with colleagues across the hall or with colleagues across the globe, using a Skype for Business® certified monitor equipped with an HD camera, Bang & Olufsen audio system, microphone and call control panel. The ergonomic stand will allow you to adjust the monitor’s position for each user. If necessary, place multiple monitors side by side, with the narrow edges of the new design.

HP UC Speaker Phone – Convert any room into a virtual conference room. You will be able to connect your HP portable speaker to Windows, Android or iOS device. Join the meeting immediately, just connecting with any Bluetooth-enabled device or Windows computer using a USB connection. 360 degree microphone coverage provides hands-free access. High quality sound, a control panel, LED indicators and a rechargeable battery will provide a productive conference call.

The HP Share Board system will give you the opportunity to make your whiteboard and markers part of the digital age. The system will transform the content of the board digitally and you will be able to stream this content through a secure online connection with presenters / conference participants from around the world. This system is capable not only of online streaming, but also of recording and saving a presentation in PDF format so that the relevant meeting material can be turned into a slide presentation and shared with the colleagues. Simply install the system on a wall over the board, connect it to the control panel, plug it in, and press the “Start” button to start working.

HP 55-inch 4K UHD Conferencing Display – The HP 55-inch FHD Large Format Display will transform every meeting room into a conference centre. Participants will be able to view content from any angle, high brightness and contrast ratio will provide excellent image quality. This solution will be an ideal option for meeting rooms for up to 12 participants.


Each of these HP products will be able to enhance your conference experience, but in combination with each other, they will provide a world-class conference solution and it will improve your meeting experience. For more information on technical features or the ability to test these devices in your conference rooms, contact us on phone nr. +371 67796566 or e-mail: sales@adaptive.lv.