Main product of Aruba’s location service product line is Aruba Beacon. Combining Aruba Beacon, along with the Meridian Mobile Application Platform, you, as a company or service provider, can give customers the opportunity to use mobile devices in innovative location-based ways. Aruba Beacon is a small wireless transmitter capable of communicating with iOS and Android devices equipped with the Meridian mobile app up to 60 meters in radius. In the market there is two different transmitter types. One of these types is based on a USB connection that you can connect to a Wi-Fi access point or another device with a USB connection, the other transmitter type is the Aruba Beacon with an autonomous battery source that is more suitable for short-time installation or for autonomous usage in trade shows and events or using in airports, stadiums or other places, this type of transmitter is equipped with a battery whose life is four years.

If mobile device with Meridian application is located within the Aruba Beacon range, the customer receives personalized and up-to-date notifications based on customer-selected criteria and location at the venue.

Aruba Beacons can be configured using location mapping or notifications of nearby events, configuration is required to send targeted messages to the client’s mobile device with the Meridian application.

As we previously saw, then there are two ways how client can be connected to the Aruba Beacon system.

  • Instant messaging uses a Wi-Fi infrastructure that connects the client with an Internet-based browser the Wi-Fi infrastructure will remember the specific customer also in the future. Signing up is simple, client arrives at the building with his own mobile device, client connects to public Wi-Fi, client will receive hyperlink to the Google Play or Apple App store, where the client will be able to download the Meridian mobile application. After downloading application client will receive a personalized web browser based offers. You can see the connection illustration below.

  • Using location mapping, a Bluetooth connection is used where Aruba Beacon communicates with Meridian application installed on the mobile device and provides detailed information about the location of the client at the venue. Providing the customer with an opportunity to see their location on the venue map, detailed step-by-step directions and current announcements around them, based on the selected criteria. You can see the connection illustration below.

Aruba Beacon is used in hospitals, hotels, airports, stadiums, museums, etc., we can relate these sites to the large number of people, the spacious rooms and the large area that each of these sites includes, this can cause problems for customers to find what they need, for example, in stadiums, in a huge crowd, it’s hard to find your seat or find directions to cafe, Aruba Beacon will present a step-by-step route from the location on the map to the place you want and  you will no longer have to worry about getting lost in that place.