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Sprout Pro is a revolutionary product from HP, this product will allow you to combine the physical and digital worlds. At its core Sprout Pro is a high-performance All-in-one solution, but HP did not stop there, HP in this high-performance All-in-one solution wanted to see something new, something the human eye previously unseen. Combining its engineers, HP created HP Sprout Pro.

Sprout Pro heart is in its innovative stand who hides not only all the necessary components who helps Sprout Pro function at the highest standards, but also stand is equipped with Intel® RealSense ™ 3D camera and projection engine with these features this All-in-one solution allows you to scan 2D or 3D objects, as well as the opportunity to project an image on the touch-sensitive mat that will give you the opportunity to accomplish your daily tasks easier and more productive.

3D scanning is quick and easy thanks to Sprout Pro. With a few taps Sprout Pro 3D capture app generates a high-resolution 3D digital model, which you can manipulate any way you want, starting with size and ending with the smallest model details.Top up your Sprout Pro solution with 3D Capture Stage, this platform will automate most of the 3D scanning process which gives you a better, faster and more efficient 3D scanning.

How it works:

  • GrabUse Sprout Illuminator Pro with Intel RealSense ™ technology to scan 3D objects.
  • MashCreate an object in the digital world change its size or add new design elements.
  • MakePrint your 3D model through a 3D printer, and check out your idea in real life.

Sprout Pro breakthrough technology combines physical and digital worlds, that allows you capture any object, process it digitally and create it in the real world. Sprout Pro’s unique work environment helps realize the full potential of your imagination. Use Sprout Pro technology breakthrough and unique range of programs to forever change the way you worked so far.

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